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Armenia: Increasing Resilience by Reducing the Risk of Disaster

For years, the people of Sipanik expanded the area of land under cultivation in an attempt to grow more food. But each time the Hrazdan River thwarted the efforts of this small, remote community, situated in one of the most disaster-prone areas of Armenia. It swelled and flooded their crops, and themore


Environmental and social benefits of energy efficiency

Energy is so much a part of life that we often use it without thinking about the sources and impacts on the environment. The fact is that most of energy is generated from burning fossil fuels like coal, gas or oil. As of today, fossil fuels provide around 66 percent of the world’s electrical power, more


In Armenia, energy efficiency is heating homes and warming lives

Arev Shirikchyan used to come home to a cold and dark apartment after working two shifts to support her family. In winter, getting proper heat was an ongoing battle for the residents of Avan, the Yerevan neighborhood where she lives. Two decades ago, the boiler house supplying heat and hot water to more


Local Solutions to Wastewater Problems

“Construction of wastewater treatment system is very urgent for our community, since existing disposal system is devastated; the whole area of Parakar community appears in wastewater. I hope that after completion of the project the schoolchildren will no longer have to excavate “trenches” to remove more


UNDP and Municipality of Yerevan Join Efforts to Beautify Yerevan

Yerevan is gifted with rich historic and cultural monuments. Their maintenance and preservation rests with the Municipality of Yerevan. In fact, the decentralization process in Armenia led to an increased autonomy of the municipality and vital responsibilities regarding urban development - constructmore


Preparing airports for disasters

Swamped officials, back-logged visa requests, mountains of lifesaving supplies and throngs of people with nowhere to go - in the face of disaster, most airports look very much alike. And especially for humanitarian relief workers, scenes of chaos and mayhem are all too familiar. Whether it's after Tmore


Strengthening of Forest Fire Management Capacities in Syunik

The forests of Armenia have suffered from severe deforestation and degradation during the recent decades due to the socio-economic situation in the country. Climate change poses an additional threat for the forest ecosystems of Armenia – wildfires. The forecasted increase in temperature and further more


“Rio+20 - New Development Paradigm” - will Armenia take the new path

Background Since the 1992 Rio Sustainable Development (SD) Summit, the world has significantly benefitted from progress in economic growth and institutional development. In the meantime, the economies of many countries have also grown at the expense of sustainability: high level of human developmenmore

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Assessment of legal and institutional framework for disaster management and disaster risk information systems in Armenia

This study has been carried out with the aim of assessing the institutional and legal framework of disaster management in Armenia and the entire disaster management process in Armenia, including risk identification and assessment, data collection and analysis, preparedness, etc.


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