Taking human rights rural

15 Sep 2013

imageThe objective of the training was to enhance understanding of human rights principles and practice human rights activists at the community level. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh.
The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Bangladesh and Jatiya Tarun Sangha (JTS) jointly organized training on promoting human rights awareness in rural communities from 14 to 15 September in Dhaka. 16 staff of JTS comprising of clinic managers, counselors, paramedics, and service promoters of the rural clinics attended the training. They came from 8 clinics out of 27 run by JTS across the country.
The objective of the training was to enhance understanding of human rights principles and practice, and role and responsibilities of the NHRC its complaints mechanism while also empowering participants to act human rights activists at the community level. 

The rural community clinic members of JTS are primarily responsible for collecting medicines and contraceptives from the clinic and distributing them amongst the community people majorly to women. The NHRC considered the clinic members as a conduit at community level in human rights messaging. Through the partnership, NHRC and JTS trained 16 clinic members commonly known as Community Service Provider to act as focal points for disseminating messages on human rights issues in the rural areas of six districts.

At the inauguration of the training, Professor Dr. Mizanur Rahman, Chairman, NHRC said that the NHRC has a mandate to build partnerships to create awareness at grassroots level. He remarked that in Bangladesh, the human rights campaign is majorly focused on Dhaka. He emphasized that the NHRC has a plan to break the cycle in order to reach at the community level; because, the poor always pay high in getting justice, thus they should be given access first. 

Mr. Jahangir Alam, Chairman, JTS said the organization is also mandated to work on human rights issues and has a countrywide network. He said the training will help to develop the skills of the community clinic members in delivering human rights services.

The training session focused on the concept of human rights, core human rights treaties and their domestication, human rights and state responsibility, the National Human Rights Commission, its role to protect and promote human rights.

The sessions were facilitated by Selina Hossain, Honorary Member, NHRC, Dr. Rahamatullah, Professor, Dept. of Law, University of Dhaka and Zahid Hossain, Monitoring and Investigation Expert, BNHRC-CDP.