Millenium Development Goals

  • 12 Mar 2013

    Antigua and Barbuda MDG Report 2009

    This Review outlines the status of the MDGs programme in Antigua and Barbuda and its level of achievement. The indicators have been assessed from 1990‐2007.

  • 12 Mar 2013

    The Commonwealth of Dominica MDG Assessment 2010

    The report is intended to inform policy-makers, other stakeholders and the people of Dominica of the achievement of the MDG within a national context thus guiding towards appropriate policies and programs to continue to achieve or begin the process of achieving the MDGs .


MDGs play a key role in targeting poverty reduction and development in the Eastern Caribbean. MDGs were created as a global approach towards achieving a better world, and not all of the goals are directly relevant to the needs of the countries of the Eastern Caribbean. Indeed, selected goals have already been achieved or will be achievedby 2015 in some of the countries, while others have never been a burning issue in the region. Particular attention has been paid to the first Millennium Goal, the most urgent one: halving extreme poverty and hunger by 2015. With regard to the global ideas, relevant MDGs must now be identified in each region concerned.