UNDP Funding and Delivery

Where our money comes from and what we spend it on

Since 1996 the United Nations Development Programme Country Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina has delivered more than USD 310 million in human development programme assistance. USD 222 million was delivered between 2001-2012 - an annual delivery rate of 90% of approved budgets - of which only 9.3% was spent on management costs. While UNDP finances some intervention activities with its core funds or other UN special purpose resources, the majority of funding comes from partnerships with multilateral funds and bilateral donors, who recognise UNDP as a reliable and strategic development partner.

UNDP draws on its significant implementation capacity and field network infrastructure of 5 regional offices to effectively deliver programmes, its ability to serve as a neutral facilitator and broker between various institutional and community stakeholders, and on its expertise, to ensure the lasting capacity development of the Government and local partners.

Our contributors

The major contributors to UNDP in BiH during the current programming cycle are the European Commission, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFTAM), the Government of the Netherlands, the Government of Spain, as well as the Governments of Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), and others. BiH authorities, especially at the municipal level, are increasingly becoming significant contributors to annual programmes, with this contribution expected to grow in the future to a third or even half of the programme volume.

UNDP frequently generates parallel financing, where other donors, IFIs or the Government have complementary or follow on investments resulting from UNDP’s activities. This investment is estimated at  USD 2 million  annually.

List of Major Sources of Funding/Donors in 2012 and 2013 (Cumulative)


Sources of funding/donors Energy and Environment Social Inclusion and Democratic Governance Justice and Security Rural and Regional Development Grand Total
European Commission     $5,003,689.70 $2,485,171.00 $7,488,860.70
GFATM   $6,043,233.05     $6,043,233.05
Government of Sweden $72,760.00     $2,274,450.00 $2,347,210.00
Government of BiH $399,680.64 $76,158.04   $515,148.85 $   990,987.53
Government of Japan       $848,927.00 $   848,927.00
UNDP     $820,000.00   $   820,000.00
Government of USA     $384,800.00   $   384,800.00
Government of Switzerland     $276,693.61   $   276,693.61
Government of United Kingdom   $2,155.00 $23,807.25 $150,523.48 $   176,485.73
Government of Czech Republic $150,000.00       $   150,000.00
Waterbedrijf Groningen       $76,895.90 $76,895.90
Government of Norway       $68,480.00 $68,480.00
Coca-Cola       $44,107.80 $44,107.80
UNICEF     $26,839.53   $26,839.53
Save the Children     $26,095.88   $26,095.88


Development Contribution by Donor for Bosnia and Herzegovina


Fiscal year Donor Total Contribution
2012 European Commission $2,485,171.00
2012 Government of Sweden $2,347,210.00
2012 Government of Japan $848,927.00
2012 Government of BiH $660,292.56
2012 UNDP  $320,000.00
2012 Government of USA $193,200.00
2012 Government of Czech Republic $150,000.00
2012 Government of United Kingdom $113,252.73
2012 Waterbedrijf Groningen $76,895.90
2012 Coca-Cola $44,107.80
2012 UNICEF $26,839.53
2012 Save the Children $26,095.88
2013 GFATM $6,043,233.05
2013 European Commission $5,003,689.70
2013 UNDP  $500,000.00
2013 Government of BIH $330,694.97
2013 Government of Switzerland $276,693.61
2013 Government of USA $191,600.00
2013 Government of Norway $68,480.00
2013 Government of United Kingdom $63,233.00


Programme Delivery for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Programme Delivery 2008 Programme Delivery 2009 Programme Delivery 2010 Programme Delivery 2011 Programme Delivery 2012
$23,285,297.09 $23,863,715.89 $24,096,996.46 $27,822,388.86 $26,509,298.23