China and UNDP Extend Technical Services to Sri Lanka

23 Dec 2011

In conjunction with UNDP's efforts to promote South-South Cooperation and export its highly successful Technical Task Force (TTF) model to other developing countries around the world, UNDP China and UNDP Sri Lanka came together to organise a high-level overseas mission for the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and arranged in-depth dialogue sessions with the Sri Lankan Government on 18-23 December 2011. These meetings were convened in order to promote stronger international ties, share experiences, and broaden the technical extension services on offer to agricultural practitioners in both China and Sri Lanka. With a series of high level exchanges being initiated by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance and Planning, and field visits and discussion being held with local entrepreneurs and farmers, the mission helped clarify the demands of exchange from both sides. This led to an initial agreement on key areas, implementation modality and follow up activities being agreed in principle, and has laid a solid foundation from which both countries can move forward together.