Country Office wins global storytelling contest

28 Jan 2013


On January 28th at the Executive Board session in New York, UNDP Administrator Helen Clark officially launched the second edition of The Development Advocate:

The publication contains 12 winning stories as per decision of an international jury from the UNDP’s second storytelling competition: 1st place - Brazil (Eco-Stoves Empower Indigenous Women; 2nd place – Bangladesh (Empowering Women to Fight Poverty); 3rd place – China (Farmers Plant a Seed for a Chemical-free Future).

The collection of the 12 stories was presented in the format of the Development Advocate, now in its 2nd edition. 66 Country Offices from all over the world submitted more than 120 stories, as part of our continuous efforts to highlight transformative results in the countries we work in.
The winning stories, selected by an international jury, showcase the impact of the work we do around the world to empower lives and build resilient nations.

“As in last year’s issue, these stories highlight UNDP’s critical work on poverty reduction, democratic governance, crisis prevention and recovery, and the environment and sustainable development,” said UNDP head Helen Clark in a letter to readers. “They remind us that people are and always will be the centre of UNDP’s work.”
The China story won the 3rd place, featuring UNDP’s work with 100,000 apple farmers in three provinces to help them to phase out all pesticide use, giving them the opportunity to sell their new, organic produce at higher rates on the international market.