Welcome Address for Energy conservation & Low carbon—UNDP is acting

10 Jun 2014

Christophe Bahuet

Country Director

UNDP China

June 10, 2014, UN Compound

Distinguished guests, dear colleagues, friends:

Good afternoon!

Welcome to UNDP! We are very honoured to have so many Directors General and senior representatives from the Government, the private sector and the United Nations system participating in this very special ceremony “Energy conservation & Low carbon—UNDP is acting”. This ceremony is UNDP’s contribution to the Energy-saving Week and Low-carbon Day of the Government of China that are marked every year in the country.

Today, with the support of Zhejiang Klite Electric Co. Ltd, all the lamps in the UNDP China office will be changed and LED bulbs will be installed that are more energy efficient and contain no mercury pollutant, and are therefore good for the environment. This is one more steps towards a Green UNDP Office in China. Already, in 2009 with the support of Chinese Academy of Sciences, we installed on the roof of the building a solar panel with the capacity of 1000 watt. The year after with the support of China Quality Certification Center, the office air conditioners and refrigerators were changed to energy efficient ones. We estimate that about 963.2KWh electricity has been saved thus far.

China’s transition to a low carbon economy is most important for domestic development and for the world to effectively fight climate change. This transition is on its way. China invested $61.3 billion in domestic clean energy last year alone and has become the global leader in renewable energy investments, including wind, solar and hydro. Energy efficiency is significantly improving. By end of 2013, compared to 2010 level the energy consumption per unit of GDP had decreased by 9.03 %, saving 350million tons of standard coal and reducing 840 tons of CO2. 

China is also engaging with the UN at the global level. Recently, the Chinese Government nominated Mr. Wu Xinxiong, Vice Chair of NDRC and Administrator of the National Energy Administration to the UN Sustainable Energy for all Advisory Board. I believe China will play an active role in realizing the goal of Sustainable Energy for all in 2030.

UNDP is proud to work with China on its low carbon development path providing policy support and technical assistance for sustainable development. Many of our projects are actually implemented with Ministries and partners represented here, and I would therefore like to express to you UNDP sincere thanks for your constant support and for a very close cooperation.

Let me conclude by quoting the words of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the launch of a UNDP energy efficiency project in China a few years ago: “by changing a light bulb, and changing our mindset, we can change the world.”

Let us now change bulbs in the UNDP China office!  Thank you!