Development of a National Social Protection and Empowerment Model

What is the Project About?

The Social Protection project aims to develop a national social protection and empowerment model and framework which can support: 1) improved and integrated national and sub-national planning approaches that contribute to improving lives of poor and vulnerable people; and, 2) enhancing access to education, skills, health, employment, income and social protection for human development outcomes.

The capacity of national organisations will be further improved to coordinate and integrate social capability development into sector and inter-sector programmes.

What Have We Accomplished So Far?

  • Initiated identification of approaches and methodologies for social protection.
  • Translated various manuals on social protection and governance approaches (including UNDP's Local Governance and Social Protection and also Gender and Macro-Economic Planning).
  • Established learning processes and Community of Practice.

Who Finances It?

UNDP TRAC US$352,000
Government (Parallel Funding)

Delivery in Previous Fiscal Year


Project Highlights

  • Established a CPAP Poverty Outcome Board to develop capacity for inclusive growth and poverty reduction approaches.
  • Initiated Community of Practice on women’s economic empowerment.

Project Overview
Project Start Date:
Estimated End Date:
National socio-economic and planning institutions: capacity development for enhanced planning
Focus Area:
Inclusive Growth and Poverty Reduction
Goals 1, 3 and 8
UNDP Programme Officer:
Mohammad Ali Farzin
UNDP Programme Associate:
Farzaneh Derakhshi
Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Welfare
National Project Director:
Dr Vahideh Negin, Director General Planning Studies, MCLW