UNREDD+ Programme has hosted a National Awareness Raising workshop

09 Oct 2013

imageParticipants at the launch

The one-day national workshop on Awareness Raising organised by the UN REDD PNG Programme  held on September 11th 2013 was a success and a step forward.

It was an avenue that allowed different stakeholders to absorb information and in turn express their views and ideas on how to mitigate climate change through REDD+ in line with the PNG’s situation.  A total of 72 stakeholders attended the workshop and this includes government officials from the national and sub-national levels, national NGOs, international NGOs and private sector. JICA and AusAID representing the donors’ perspective were also present.

The workshop was opened by the UN Resident Representative, Mr David McLachlan-Karr and he stressed the importance of collective learning in this workshop as REDD+ is multi-sectoral.

Mr Varigini Badira, the UN-REDD PNG Programme Director and Executive Director of the Office of Climate Change & Development gave a brief outline on the progress of the PNG programme in his welcome speech.

At the end of the day, participants were able to understand the concept of REDD+ and the different actors and roles they play in the REDD+ readiness approach. Participants were given time in between presentations to make comments and ask questions which they also feel is very useful. Participants further expressed the need for more awareness at the sub-national levels and there are future plans on that for next year.

On the whole, the general feeling is that, they acquired sufficient information on REDD+ from this workshop. 

The Feedback forms provided vital baseline information for further plans on future awareness raising workshops at the sub-national level.