UN global compact sponsors Iraq’s first design excellence award

12 Nov 2012


The Iraq UN Global Compact (UNGC) Network supported the “Tamayouz Award”, an academic excellence award for architectural graduation projects in Iraqi universities. 

UNDP Iraq, hosting the Secretariat of the UNGC Network, supported the promotion of the award and identification of Iraqi companies, members of the Network and committed to responsible business conduct in the construction sector, to sponsor the initiative.

“Tamayouz” is an independent initiative.  In a few months, Tamayouz has became an important academic award  among the architectural community for its strong panel of 12 judges; the panel includes high profile architects and academics like  Zaha Hadid The Priktzer Architecture prize winner, the Dean of Engineering and Computing Faculty at Coventry University Professor Paul Ivey, Ayad Al-Tuhafi Owner and Director of Ayad Al-Tuhafi Architects and the CEO of The Forma Group, The Iraqi award winning architect and researcher at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark Dr. Khaled Al-Sultani.

Zaha Hadid commented that the Tamayouz Award allows “talents to flourish in this global movement and will further link Iraq’s architects with the international community.” Building Design Online, the United Kingdom’s most influential architecture magazine stated “Tamayouz is Iraq’s first architecture prize in nine years.”

The winner of the 2012 Tamayouz Award was the University of Technology in Baghdad’s Anwar Sabah Abbas, a student who was supervised by Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Al Yousif for his design of the ‘Desert Research Centre’. 

Iraqi companies, members of the UNGC Iraq, have shown unprecedented support for “Tamayouz” and two of Iraq’s major construction and architecture firms - Al-Dulaimi Group and Dewan Architects and Engineers - offered jobs for the winners. These companies are the diamond sponsors of the award together with  the Iraqi Business Council in Jordan.

Other members also offered support to promote the initiative and host the Award ceremony, in coordination with the organisers of the initiative to set suitable time and venue arrangements.

The selection of the best three projects - out of 135 submitted – was finalised in October, with announcement of the winners. 

Tamayouz is sponsored by Zaha Hadid Architects, Al-Dulaimi Business Group, Dewan Architects and Engineers, Iraqi Business Council in Jordan, The United Nation’s Global Compact – Iraq, Ayad Al-Tuhafi Architects, Coventry University and Architecture for Humanity.