Solar powered concert rocks Chisinau

A rock band playing on a stage
FurioSnails powered up by solar energy >>See more photos from the concert

CHISINAU, Moldova - 30 April 2013 - A solar powered concert in Chisinau this past weekend is just the beginning for rock band FurioSnails.


"In 2014, we would like to organize a larger-scale concert powered by renewable energy," said FurioSnails soloist Lilian Severin.


"We intend to promote alternative energy resources. Our desire is that the Republic of Moldova decreases its dependence on foreign energy resource suppliers, and starts producing its own energy out of solar, wind, water and biomass resources."


Hundreds of people spent the afternoon (Sunday 28 April) with rhythms of music powered by solar energy.


FurioSnails, along with Whinona Ryderz, Paralela 47, DJ Dawee (SWS, Berlin), Dandies, Laura Bodorin and the Girls’ Fanfare from Holercani headlined the open air “Sun Da-I Fest” concert.



People who went to the concert also had the chance to learn about renewable energy from exhibits showcasing technology fueled by solar energy and other renewable sources.


It was also a chance for those leading the way in the renewable energy sector in Moldova to share their successes, and advocate for clean energy.


“Pure Energy! This is what we have at ‘Sun Da-i Fest’! Clean and affordable energy for everybody: this is one of the UNDP mandates around the world,” said UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Moldova, Nicola Harrington-Buhay.


“The sun, wind, water and biomass are reliable sources of energy that help us keep our planet clean. They provide us with energy produced in our own country. This means new jobs, new businesses created and investments made in Moldova.”


“The European Union supports the Republic of Moldova in its endeavours to increase the use of renewable energy,” said Head of Operations of the European Union Delegation in Moldova, Kaido Sirel.


“We would like more people to become supporters and users of renewable energy. I am pretty sure this rock concert will increase the number of eco-energy supporters in the Republic of Moldova.”


The concert was a joint initiative of FurioSnails, Moldcell, and a EU-UNDP project that promotes biomass as a renewable form of energy to heat public buildings and homes in rural areas. The solar panels that powered the concert were provided, free-of-charge, by SolarTech, a French company.


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