Too many "urgent procedures" in pre-election period

11 Apr 2013


Public Procurement Office and United Nations Development Program in Serbia presented the Public Procurement Office’s Annual Report for 2012 to the press.

Mr. Predrag Jovanovic, Director of the Public Procurement Office, presented the main report findings with a focus on analyzing the negotiated procedure and respective trends during and after the last elections. “In the second quarter of 2012 (April – June), during the electoral period, the value of “urgent procedures” reached a record breaking 8.7 billion dinars, while in the period after the elections (July-December) the value was four times lower and reached about 2 billion dinars in six months. Indicators for the second quarter show a grimmer picture with irregular procedures making 83% of all negotiated procedures, meaning that 4/5 were actually irregular. The percentage of irregular procedures decreases in July-December 2012 period to 9%” –explained Mr. Jovanovic. Public Procurement Office priority for 2013 will be to decrease the use of negotiated procedures in order to increase the transparency of public procurement and mitigate corruption associated risks. 

Mr. William Infante, UNDP Resident Representative, emphasized the importance of reforming the public procurement system as a key element in the fight against corruption. He underlined the preventive role of the Public Procurement Office and added that it would be crucial to provide sufficient financial and human resources and adequate premises to the Public Procurement Office. That will enable them to fully respond to increasing requests from participants in the procurement process, as requested by the new Law on Public Procurement. Mr. Infante also called for further reduction in the use of non-competitive procedures and stronger support for enforcement of the Law on Public Procurement at the local level.