Support to Sierra Leone Parliament

What is the project about?

The 2007 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections had a historic significance for peace consolidation and democratization in Sierra Leone, as it was the first time the transition of power took place through democratic means. Credible elections for Parliamentary seats and support to the Parliament has provided an opportunity for Members of Parliament (MPs) to effectively realize their mandates towards the peaceful resolution of ethnic differences and lessening of traditional tribal animosities.  Support to the Parliament continues to be a key component of the UNDP Governance Portfolio towards sustainable peace and state-building, and notably to support it to more effectively fulfil its oversight function and discourage party division and violence between political parties.

UNDP's support to the Sierra Leone Parliament aims: 

  • To support the Parliament to recruit staff and establish eight departments of the Parliamentary Service called for within the Parliamentary Service Act (2007) and to provide capacity building support to operationalize the departments in order that they may begin delivering effective services to MPs and Parliamentary Committees; 
  • To operationalize the Parliamentary Assistance Coordination Office (PACO), to effectively coordinate development partner assistance, reduce transaction costs and ensure the most strategic use of limited resources.

Accomplishments so far

The following key results have been achieved over the project period:

  • PACO was established and is now fully operational in coordinating parliamentary support from different development partners. Key Parliamentary Service Departments have also been established.
  • Parliament has been equipped with basic skills and improved institutional arrangements to play its role as the central institution of democratic governance in Sierra Leone.

Who finances it?

Year Donor Amount Contributed
2010 UNDP US$ 182,606
2011 UNDP

US$ 282,678

2012 UNDP US$ 338,260
2013 UNDP US$ 364, 540
2014 UNDP US $ 300,000

Delivery in previous fiscal years

Year Total Delivery
2010 US$ 182,606
2011 US$ 272,428
2012 US$ 353,579
2013 US $ 362,702
Project Overview
Project start date:
January 1 2008
Project end date:
December 31 2014
Geographic coverage:
UN Transitional Joint Vision Cluster:
Cluster 1: Support to Good Governance
Focal point:
Lakshmi Pillai
Chief Techincal Adviser
Democratic Governance Unit
Sierra Leone Parliament
Budget (2014):
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