Public Administration Reform/Institutional Strengthening [PAR/I.S.]

What is the Programme about?

The Public Administration Reform/Institutional Strengthening [PAR/I.S.] initiatives are based on identifying the strategic mandate, current institutional gaps that hinder delivery, and a capacity development plan that includes staff development along with improvements to the enabling environment and organisational design. The aim is to build a lasting institutional legacy in critical and linked areas. The operational strategy for PAR/I.S. project contains two components: public administration management programme that provides practical training in common management skills (business planning, performance management, evaluation and risk management); and development of Local Governance (LG) Vision Paper that serves as a platform for future local governance intervention through road map and sequence of  required activities.

Expected Outputs:

  • Key central government institutions staff capacitated their skills on business planning, performance management, evaluation and risk management resulting in cross-ministerial cooperation.
  • Local Governance Vision Paper developed outlining main principles and components of local governance system and provided recommendations to the government to streamline policy and legal framework including a road map.

Accomplishments so far

  • Capacity assessment of the Aid Coordination and Investment Promotion Departments of SCISPM conducted outlining main project interventions for the new phase of the ACIP project
  • 24 middle level managers over 14 national institutions capacitated their skills on business planning, performance management, evaluation and risk management improving cross-ministerial cooperation
  • LG Vision Paper is in the process of development that outlines a road map for the GoT

Who finances it?

UNDP re-programmed funds

Delivery in previous fiscal year:

USD 41,312 (2013)

Programme start date:
September 2011
Programme end date:
December 2014
Geographic coverage:
Dushanbe, Tajikistan
UN Transitional Joint Vision Programme Cluster:
Cluster 1: Support to Good Governance
Executive Office of President of RT, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, State Committee of Investment and State Property Management, Civil Service Department, Civil Service Institute
$ 500,000
Focal point
Gulbahor Nematova,

Programme Analyst


Tel: + (992 44) 6005600

Fax: + (992 44) 600 5620

39, Ayni Street, Dushanbe

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