UN and Turkey sign Development Cooperation Strategy

27 Dec 2010


The Turkish Government and the United Nations System in Turkey signed the United Nations Development Cooperation Strategy (UNDCS) at a ceremony at the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 27 December 2010.

UNDCS is signed by Ambassador Mithat Rende of Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Ankara Shahid Najam and covers the period of 2011-2015.

UNDCS is a document unique to Turkey and has been formulated under the leadership and with full participation of the Turkish Government through an elaborate consultative process involving the UN system and major stakeholders.

UNDCS also serves as a strategic document that seeks to bring in innovative and simplified process for the UN system in Turkey to address the developmental challenges faced by an upper-middle-income country like Turkey. It is a strategic rather than operational document which focuses on promptly achieving higher level results. UNDCS will also help the UN system in Turkey to provide a collective, coherent and integrated response to national priorities and needs, including providing support to the national efforts toward the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Another distinctive feature of UNDCS is that it presents a pioneering effort in response to the successive General Assembly Resolutions and reports of the UN Secretary General to articulate a new model of cooperation and partnership with the Middle Income Countries (MICs) both to help them address significant challenges in their efforts to achieve internationally agreed development goals and to partner with the MICs to supporting the development efforts of other developing countries through South-south Cooperation and triangular cooperation.

The results of the Turkish experience in UNDCS is intended to serve as a proto-type for appropriate replication in other Middle Income Countries.

UNDSC covers three major areas: Democratic and Environmental Governance; Disparity Reduction, Social Inclusion and Basic Public Services; Poverty and Employment.

The State Planning Organization (SPO) established a Working Group to ensure effective implementation and monitoring of the UNDCS with the full support of the UN system in Turkey.