"We hope number of volunteers in Turkey will increase"

20 Apr 2011


The chief of Development Division of United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme, Ghulam Isaczai, who mentioned UN volunteerism was an experience for persons to enrich themselves, said “so that people can work for issues, concerning the entire world such as environment and poverty.”

Ankara - UNV programme of which regional meeting was held in Ankara in April is represented by UNDP country offices in many countries.

Mr. Ghulam Isaczai, who had an interview with Mr. Murat Ünlü, Anatolian Agency reporter regarding UNV programme and its works in Turkey, said that the year of 2001 was announced as “Year of Volunteers” in UN General Assembly.

Isaczai, who pointed the programme aimed to support governments and countries through volunteers, addressed that volunteers contributed to determination of related policies and preparation of infrastructure in this regard.

As Isaczai touched upon their supports to governments in several places in the world in the last 40 years, he told that the their last aim was to provide more volunteers by spreading volunteerism and to integrate volunteers in to voluntary development programmes.

Isaczai said “Management of volunteerism is one of our tasks. Many countries and governments have volunteers; yet they do not know how to manage or motivate them.”

Isaczai, who reminded that the UN General Assembly decided to stress works to be accomplished in 2011 since it was the tenth anniversary of the Year of Volunteers, stated they held meetings to encourage volunteerism by gathering shareholders of the programme for one year within this scope.

Isaczai, who mentioned that they organized many regional consultancy meetings, said the first was in Equador and the second was in Turkey.

Isaczai stated that as there were voluntary representatives from the Middle East, Middle Asia and Eastern Europe in the meeting for two days in Turkey, there were also representatives of Turkish public authorities.

Isaczai remarked that there will be global conference held in Budapest in September within the framework of outcomes they had in these meetings.

8,000 volunteers

The chief of Development Divison of UNV programme, who stressed that volunteerism vastly contributed peace and development, also said that this was important for actualization of Millennium goals of the UN.

Isaczai told there were 8,000 volunteers who provided important support to the UN system.

As Isaczai emphasized most of volunteers worked in developing countries and supported governments in many issues related to development, he also mentioned a significant number of volunteers were included in humanitarian works and refugee camps.

Isaczai, who provided information about works in Turkey, asserted there were 35 UN Volunteers in Turkey most of which worked at UNHCR activities.

Isaczai imparted they had been working on how to increase capacities of related organization with volunteers and they would appoint a representative the following month. Isaczai said “We hope to increase the number of volunteers in Turkey.”

Isaczai expressed that they could provide some technical resources to Turkey and make use of youth capacity of Turkey.

“Online volunteering”

The chief of Development Divison of UNV programme who provided information about ''Online volunteering'' system, articulated the number of UNVs as 10,000 and this was an enlarging area for themselves.

Isaczai stated that they were enabling to gather people across the world, so that a person sitting in his house could be able to provide help, for example, a person in need in Nepal.

As Isaczai attracted attention to reflection of power of this platform and technology to social arena, he said this platform, as it enables volunteers to reach the field, put forth breathtaking outcomes.

Isaczai suggested this platform to people who were not able to work in the field or would not prefer working in the field.

Isaczai said “UN volunteerism is an experience for persons to enrich themselves. so that people can work for issues, concerning the entire world such as environment and poverty”, as he called all volunteers and voluntary organizations to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Year of Volunteers.

In addition to these, Isaczai mentioned two criteria fro applicants; they must have two years of experience and be older than 25.

Isaczai also added that there was no upper age limit and they needed every kind of experience.

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