Startup Women held for the first time in Turkey, in Ankara

04 May 2014

Teams which were composed mostly of women entrepreneurs developed their innovative ideas during Startup Weekend Women, organized to gather women entrepreneurs.

Ankara - Startup Women bringing together women entrepreneurs was organized for the first time in Turkey as part of the “Design Your Future” and the "International Entrepreneurship Initiative" programmes and it was held between 2-5 May in Ankara.

Startup Women was brought into action with the partnership of UNDP, Ministry of Development, Habitat Center for Development and Governance, Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Microsoft.

Entrepreneur candidates, developers, designers and young entrepreneurs in Ankara came together with the support of Viveka, TOBB Ankara Young Entrepreneurs Council.

During the event, six teams developed their innovative ideas into prototypes with the support of ten mentors as a result of a 48 hours intensive working.

The winner is ‘Dert Sende Derman Bende’ Project

Six teams brought their technology based mobile app and web project ideas to prototype level as a result of a 48 hours non-stop working and presented them for jury’s evaluation.

Members of the jury of this special event were Sezai Hazır who is the founder of Habitat center for Development and Governance and the member of Supreme Board of TOBB Young Entrepreneurs Council, Numan Numan who is the cofounder of 212, Sertaç Çeltek who is the resource manager of Microsoft Consultancy Services, Cem Ener who is the coordinator of Boğaziçi University BUBA, and Canan Çakmakçı who is the general manager of Cyberpark.

‘Dert Sende Derman Bende’ online psychological support platform, which brings together those who need psychological support and psychological assistants by providing an additional resource through an application in which users can identify the price range, was granted the first place.

Han Project, which aims to deliver products of Anatolian artists to markets that give their real value, came in second.

Third place was shared by LightButik which offers an online solution for problem of reaching healthy food for those who work hard and Me-How which uses gamification method to regularly provide food for street animals.

Microsoft, which is one of the main partners of the event, will provide free office opportunity and consultancy support in Microsoft Innovation Center for a year for the winner “Dert Sende Derman Bende” team as an award.

Besides, top three teams were entitled to participate in “Innovation4Good” which will be held on 15 May in Ankara and in which a roundtable will be organized within the scope of the Design Your Future project.

Finally, all participants gained free access to DreamsPark software for a year.