Call for new Life+ projects

01 Jun 2007

There is a new call for applications for the Life+ Youth Projects which address community and environmental problems.

New Horizons - Youngsters who wish to benefit from Life+ Youth Fund need to submit a preliminary application until 15 June 2007 as a first step in which they briefly describe their project. Financial support and consultancy are provided for the projects that will be selected. Life+ Fund, was established by UNDP and Coca-Cola Turkey in 2005.

An amount of 3 thousand to 30 thousand dollars fund may be required for the projects. Once the project proposals are evaluated according to technical criteria, the project designs that pass the preliminary applications will be announced on 2 July 2007 followed by workshops and trainings on 16 July 2007 with two representatives from each successful project. The 5-day workshops include training on project management, communications and personal development. The project owners will then be able to make their final applications until 10 August 2007. An elective committee will then announce the winner projects on 20 August 2007.

Life+ Youth Programme is worth USD 1.5 million Dollars and has so far funded 22 projects in 19 cities in order to enhance the living standards of socially disadvantaged people. The Life+ Youth Programme anticipates successful initiatives from youth.

The projects supported by Life+ are generally on capacity building, campaigns to raise awareness on a certain issue, advocacy and research and they last for a maximum of 10 months. Those who are eligible to work under the Life+ umbrella are non-profit organisations and groups such as NGOs, Local Agenda 21 Youth Parliaments and student councils of universities and high schools.

During the implementation phase of the projects, Life+ realizes publicity works and conducts regular monitoring of the project. The Life+ Youth Programme also acts as a facilitator during the implementation of the projects in which it ensures that the aims and priorities of the project are in line with the main goals. The programme encourages the participation of youth from every level.

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