Doğuş Group signs UN Global Compact

01 Jun 2007

Following Turkey’s largest and fast-growing firms, Doğuş Group has also joined the group of companies that has signed the UN’s Global Compact.

New Horizons - UNDP Turkey Resident Representative Mahmood Ayub said: “Global Compact has become the world’s largest Corporate Social Responsibility initiative since its announcement in 2000. In Turkey, there is also a significant growth of the UN Global Compact, with the participation of big conglomerates like Doğuş. This is a good sign of strong commitment and acknowledgement of the participants to improve the conditions in Turkey to match the internationally accepted norms on social responsibility and corporate citizenship.”

CEO of Doğuş Group Hüsnü Akhan on the other hand said: “Bringing together the Turkish private sector around the 10 principles of the United Nations thus acting in coordination and applying these principles to business models is very important for Turkey to integrate to the globalized world”.

The Global Compact that was officially launched in 2000 is a voluntary international corporate citizenship network that brings together the private and the public business sectors as well as various UN agencies and the civil society to meet the challenges of globalization. The Global Compact operates around ten principles in the fields of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption in order to put an end to discrimination of work force and to increase environmental sustainability. The signatories of the Global Compact integrate these ten principles into their business strategies for transparency and sustainable development and prepare regular reports on their stance. Today Global Compact has over 3 thousand 800 participants in 100 countries.

In Turkey, stakeholders from the public and private sectors such as Koç Holding, Eczacıbaşı Holding and more than 60 SMEs as well as labour representatives and various NGOs had signed UN’s Global Compact, which was initiated in October 2002 in Turkey.

Today, the signing of UN’s Global Compact is an index for a company’s social responsibility and awareness towards the rest of the world.

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