Water harvesting brings new life to the village

01 Mar 2008


Tekke Kuyumcu Village, in Beypazarı town of Turkey’s capital city Ankara, despite its central location, is one of those ‘remote villages’ that is experiencing problems in accessing safe drinking water.

New Horizons - Due to scarcity of water resources, water is only provided to the village for one our each day, this duration decreases to only half and hour in summer. Moreover there is no ground water in the district which makes the construction of other water systems impossible. The only available option for villagers to access water is by using the depots that are far from the city and fetching this water from long distances puts a burden on women and children. However, UNDP and Coca Cola Turkey brings a new solution to the town, through their ‘Every Drop Matters’ programme.

The water project funded by this programme in Beypazarı is also supported by the International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA). The new system brought to the village enables the collection of rain water before it hits the ground for generating drinking water and water that can be used for other domestic purposes. The system known as “Roof Top Water Harvesting” not only generates a new and alternative water supply but also provides clean and safe drinking water.

The “Roof Top Harvesting” project aims to bring a water harvesting system to 30 houses in the Kuyumcu Tekke village. To constitute an example, the first system was constructed at the village headman’s house with the participation of the local community and the local labour force of Kuyumcu Tekke. The construction materials were provided from the local market thus demonstrating the applicability of the system. In the context of the project, trainings will also be given to the locals to increase their awareness and capacities.

The villagers had already started to benefit from the system. Although Rain Water Harvesting system is not a new technology, it is being implemented with modernized standards in Turkey for the first time. It is also not a new concept and is widely used in Germany, England, Belgium, industrial zones of Japan and the northern Egypt. The Rain Water Harvesting Systems can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes in residential, commercial, and industrial establishments. They reduce the efforts put into water treatment and power costs, provide soft water and are free.

Roof Top -Water Harvesting Project is the sub-project of Every Drop Matters Programme established by UNDP and Coca-Cola Turkey. Every Drop Matters is designed as a regional partnership, aiming at increasing access to safe drinking water, facilitating the use of environmentally sound industrial technologies, and promoting responsible water resource management by outreach and awareness raising activities, in the countries of Europe and CIS.  Main component of the projects are improved accesses to safe drinking water, improved  regional and industrial water management, advocacy and communication activities to raise awareness efficient use of water.

This partnership initiative focuses on countries including Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, (FYR of) Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan as well as Russia, Ukraine and Belarus that fall under the coverage area of UNDP-RBEC as well as Coca-Cola EMED. The project started in 2007 and the period of project is about five years. Pilot projects are implemented in Turkey, Croatia, Romania and Kazakhstan and Six Black Sea Countries during the first year. The projects that fall under the scope of the programme are:

For more information on the “Every Drop Matters” programme please visit www.everydropmatters.org

How the “Roof Top Water Harvesting Systems” Works

Raindrops are collected by the catchments of the roof and are accumulated and stored in the tank through the channels that are built. The water in the tank is then purified through a filter and is delivered to the house through pipes that are connected to the kitchen and the bathroom of the house.

How roof top harvesting works.

Roof top Rainwater Harvesting is an efficient source of alternative water supply where other sources of water are either not available or are too expensive. This system is also applicable for areas in Central Anatolia Plateau–with an average annual rainfall of about 400 mm.