Kudos for women dairy farmers

01 Jun 2009


Six women farmers received certificates after successfully completing the training sessions organised at SUTAS Dairy Husbandry in Bursa.

New Horizons - The training sessions, attended by 22 farmers from Sivas’s Cinarli village and 3 representatives from the Project Management unit, took place between 9-11 March, 2009. 

Training sessions included highly educative classes on hygiene, health and sanitation, how to turn animal husbandry into a profitable business as well as mastering other organisational and marketing techniques. Among the 22 participants were 6 extraordinary women who joined the training sessions to learn ways to improve their animal husbandry business and contribute to their family’s income.

The sessions are among a series of others organized at the training facilities of Sutas Dairy Husbandry in Bursa to improve the technical capacity of livestock breeders in selected villages in the scope of the Sivas Erzincan Development Project (SEDP). 

Run by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), the SEDP is one of the largest internationally funded development projects aspiring to reach targets outlined in the National Development Strategy (NDRS) of Turkey. The project is funded by the Turkish Government, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID).

The UNDP provides technical assistance for the project which aims to increase agricultural productivity and income levels of rural poor in less-developed parts of Sivas and Erzincan by expanding employment opportunities and fostering individual as well as collective entrepreneurship of small farmers. Such improvements in the living conditions of rural poor women and men are expected to decrease the pressures of migration in rural parts of Sivas and Erzincan and overcome rural poverty on a sustainable basis by ensuring the preservation of the provinces’ natural resources.

In the scope of the project, various training programmes for capacity building have been implemented. One such programme specifically targeted women educating them on mother-child health care, food safety and proper care and feeding of infants. Another training programme for students was organized to teach them about nutrition at school age and protection from infectious disease.

The SEDP was declared effective in January 2005 for a period of seven years. The loan closing date is 30 September 2012.