New building for the Dreams Academy

01 Nov 2010


Carrying out its work in ateliers designated by İstanbul’s Beşiktaş Municipality for the past two years, the Dreams Academy will now continue its activities at its new building in Ataşehir, located in Istanbul’s Anatolian side.

New Horizons - The Academy’s new three-storey building is equipped with meeting and conference rooms, digital printing, film and DVD post-production as well as photography studios.

The opening ceremony on 22 October 2010 was attended by the State Minister responsible from women and family affairs Selma Aliye Kavaf along with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative Shahid Najam, Vodafone Turkey CEO Serpil Timuray, President of the Vodafone Turkey Foundation Hasan Süel, and President of the Alternative Life Association (AYDER) Ercan Tutal.

Speaking at the ceremony, Kavaf explained that regulations to ensure the participation of the disabled in all parts of life are being realized and that ensuring this participation is among the top social policy priorities. With the support of their families, Kavaf said the aim is to make sure that no disabled child is left without an education and continued “we will continue to support social transformation efforts benefitting the disabled. I would like to take this opportunity to wish continued success to the Dreams Academy”.

Najam, underlined the fact that the United Nations Development Programme supports efforts towards social inclusion, and sees these essential projects, like the Dreams Academy, as part of its reason of existence. Najam said: “This academy shows the world that the social inclusion is achievable. And this success has been awarded by various valuable international prizes so far. We as the UN family in Turkey are proud of this academy and its success.”

At the Academy’s new headquarters, arts workshops including theatre, dance, drawing, instrument playing, and photography, self-improvement workshops like preparing for the business world, communication skills, and individual coaching and sports activities as well as production workshops to provide employment for disadvantaged youth will continue to take place.

Innovative approaches and rich education opportunities, provided by Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty will continue to be provided free of charge for the Academy students.

Sound technologies for the visually impaired and lighting technologies for the hearing impaired which will be applied at the Dreams Academy is expected to open new horizons for education and employment of the disabled and generate buzz in the international arena.

Developed jointly by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Alternative Life Association (AYDER) and the State Planning Organization (SPO), and realized with funding from the Vodafone Turkey Foundation, the Dreams Academy provides culture and arts education to support the inclusion of disadvantaged youth into social life and to enhance their employment opportunities by organizing workshops in places designated by the Beşiktaş Municipality. An international social responsibility project where experts in their respective fields provide free culture and arts education to disadvantaged young women and men, the Dreams Academy comprises of rhythm, dance, film, photography, DJ, instrument, drawing, and design workshops.