“Sustainability Academy” opened its doors

01 Apr 2011


“Sustainability Academy” has opened its doors on March 29 with the training given by the experts of UNDP Turkey.

New Horizons - In Sustainability Academy that was organized by Odak Kurumsal, the experts of UNDP Turkey Environment and Sustainable Development Programmme made several presentations on Transition to Low Carbon Economy.

In the training, Dr. Katalin Zaim, UNDP Turkey Environment and Sustainable Development Programme Manager made a speech on “Low Carbon Development, Green Growth and Green Jobs”.

Other experts from UNDP Turkey Environment and Sustainable Development Programme shared their experiences and knowledges on following topics:

• Energy Efficiency and Eco-Efficiency
• Biodiversity and Ecosytem Services in Low Carbon Ecomomies
• Low Carbon Economy-Governance and Regional Approach in Climate Change
• Sectoral Decision-making Processes in Low Carbon Development Strategy
• Turkey’s Climate Change Strategies in Transition to Low Carbon and Climate Resillient Economies
• The Importance of Private Sector and Corporate Social Responsibility in Low Carbon Development

The sessions will take place every month in Istanbul Boğaziçi University Alumni Association (BÜMED) facilities in different themes on sustainability.

Representatives from different platforms

Sustainability Academy aims to share knowledge and raise awareness on social, environmental and corporate sustainability and to support the creation of Green Business Models.

Also through the Academy it is aimed to create a platform where private sector, government agencies, NGOs and academicians can share their experiences on Green Business World.