Dreams take the stage at festivals

01 Aug 2011


Social Inclusion Band (SIB) consists of volunteer musicians and socially & physically disadvantaged students who are receiving art training since 2008. And this time SIB appeared on the Rock’n Coke Scene.

New Horizons - With the idea of ‘Art-ist has no barrier’, Social Inclusion Band went on the Coca-Cola Zero Stage on 16-17th of July 2011 within the context of Rock’n Coke Festival.

The band has appeared on different festivals one being Akbank Jazz Festival, increased its popularity with the concerts held in Babylon throughout the whole winter season.

Social Inclusion Band has shown that music has no boundaries while playing on the stage for Rock’n Coke Festival. It was an unforgettable experience for each audience.

Social Inclusion Band in IKSV Jazz Festival

Social Inclusion Band also came together with the music fans during IKSV Tunnel Festival, which was held on Saturday July 2, 2011.

Tunnel Festival, is an event that is held near the Tunnel area within the context of IKSV Jazz Festival.

Social Inclusion Band, which has formed so as to socialize socially disadvantaged and disabled people, has differentiated itself with its different kind of music at the festival.

Because of the intense interest of the audience, the concert lasts more than expected.

Social Inclusion Band excitement in One Love Festival

Social Inclusion Band also gave a concert on July 3rd 2011 at Santral Istanbul within the scope of Efes Pilsen One Love Festival.

Social Inclusion Band went on the stage regarding the opening of Dolu Dolu Music Stage, with the participation of thousands of music fans.

It was an exiting performance held by the Social Inclusion Band during the festival that every participant enjoyed every second.

The intense interest to the members of the Social Inclusion Band and the information stand lasted through out the whole day.

Social Inclusion Band is one of the most important projects of Dreams Academy, which is kind of its voice to the national level.

Dreams Academy and Social Inclusion Band will continue its pioneering role with the innovative projects in the coming periods.

About Dreams Academy

Dreams Academy is a project, which was implemented by Alternative Life Association (AYDER), UNDP and State Planning Organization by the financial support of Vodafone Foundation Turkey, that aims to support the participation of the socially disadvantaged and the disables into society and taking up a profession.

Workshop locations have been chosen according to the suitable accessibility standards of the disabled. Locations Beşiktaş Municipality has allocated to the project are Disabled Friendly.

DA is a leading and a model project providing equal participation opportunity with the " Art for all " approach. Dreams Academy contains Vocal-Rythm-Dance- Film-Photograpghy-DJ-Instrument-Painting-Design Workshops.

Being the top performers of their branch and having high sensitivity, workshop educators and corporate partners are the most powerful milestones in Dreams Academy Project in the means of reaching project targets, program quality and sustainability.

The Project has won 2009 Golden Compass Award, 2011 “This is Social Innovation” award, and listed as the best practice in UNDP Human Development Report.

For more information about Dreams Academy please click here.