From the Representative: A better future for all

01 Nov 2011


This year’s Human Development Report- “Sustainability and Equity: A Better Future for All”- has just been launched; globally in Denmark, nationally in Istanbul.

New Horizons - The Report since its inception in 1990, presents Human Development Index (HDI) as an alternative measurement of national development, challenging purely economic assessments of progress such as Gross Domestic Product.

The Report presents 2011 HDI values and ranks for 187 countries and UN-recognized territories and argues that environmental sustainability coupled with equity is sine qua non for ensuring and securing the future of humanity.

This can be most fairly and effectively achieved by addressing health, education, income, and gender disparities. At the same time, global action on energy production and ecosystem protection is an absolute imperative for viable and sustainable development.

The Report also notes that income distribution has worsened in most of the world, with Latin America remaining the most unequal region in income terms, even though several countries including Brazil and Chile are narrowing internal income gaps.
Norway, Australia and the Netherlands lead the world in the 2011 Human Development Index.

The Democratic Republic of Congo, Niger and Burundi are at the bottom of the Human Development Report’s annual rankings of national achievement in health, education and income.

The United States, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Germany and Sweden round out the top 10 countries in the 2011 HDI,

Turkey’s HDI value for 2011 is 0.699—in the high human development category—positioning the country at 92 out of 187 countries and territories.

Between 1980 and 2011, Turkey’s HDI value increased from 0.463 to 0.699, an increase of 51.0 per cent or average annual increase of about 1.3 per cent.

The report has a lot of guiding facts and figures in many policy areas, along with some other indices.

For free downloads of the 2011 Human Development Report please refer to  

And you can always download it from UNDP Turkey’s website:

* Shahid Najam, UNDP Resident Representative in Turkey and UN Resident Coordinator in Turkey