Küre Mountains National Park Draft Management Plan is ready

01 Apr 2012


Within GEF supported “Enhancing Forest Protected Areas Management System in Turkey Project” public participation meetings were organized to finalize Küre Mountains National Park Management Plan.

New Horizons - 5 meetings were held in Amasra, Bartın, Ulus, Pınarbaşı and Cide centers for effective participation of all related stakeholders that will take part in the management of Küre Mountains National Park. In these meetings, Küre Mountains National Park draft management plan was shared with local decision makers, government institutes, NGOs and villagers.

More than 200 people participated in these meetings. General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs 10th Regional Directorate officials and project management unit presented Küre Mountains National Park, PAN Parks process, management planning process in Turkey, Küre Mountains National Park draft management plan and draft zoning map.

After the presentations of draft management plan and zoning map, under the facilitation of experts and project management unit, participants’ views and recommendations were gathered and draft plan was discussed.

The results of these meetings will be reflected in the draft management plan to finalize it.

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