Decision to proceed with innovative R&D in insulation

01 Jun 2012


The two-year project on testing new approaches to the use of insulation materials has come to an end with a closing meeting in May. During the meeting, it was decided that the project’s activities will be developed and resumed.

New Horizons - The participants of the two-year project, which jointly led by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, UNDP, XPS Association and B-Plas company, tried new approaches to XPS production.

Foam materials of a homogenous cell structure, used and produced for heat insulation, are called XPS.

B-Plas’ production lines were used at the pilot manufacturing phase. The parties of the project participated in different application activities and meetings in Bursa, Ankara and Istanbul.

During this process, the technical outcomes of the project were shared with member firms of the XPS Association.

The XPS Association aims to draw attention to energy efficiency in buildings in Turkey through heat insulation.

The association also targets information exchange among insulation sector on production in line with EU standards.

Turkey conducts many projects with UNDP on decreasing greenhouse gas emissions as a requirement of the protocols, to which it is a party.