Meeting with African Caribbean and Pacific Group of States in Istanbul

01 Oct 2012


A joint African Caribbean and Pacific Group of States and European Commission mission was held between 10-12 September in Istanbul with the cooperation of UNDP Brussels and the hosting of UNDP Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development.

New Horizons - Between 4-6 June, UNDP İstanbul International Center for Private Sector Development (IICPSD) and UNDP Brussels Office had launched negotiations with African, Carribean and Pacific states (ACP) and the EC in Brussels for the purpose of enhancing the collaboration within the South-South cooperation and to promote the inclusive economic growth and fulfillment of the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), .

They had agreed to resume discussions in İstanbul to streamline cooperation and to explore interest of Turkish institutions and businesses to partner for progress achieving MDGs in the ACP Least Developed Countries.

Hence, along with ACP Group of States and European Commission, IICPSD hosted a high-level delegation from Brussels and a series of representatives of Turkish institutions including the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economy, the Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Coordination, TOBB, DEIK, and BUTGEM.

Renewed commitments of support

Discussions led to renewed commitments of support for accelerated socio-economic development in the ACP countries.

The involved parties announced their intentions to further enhance the role of private sector in sustainable development in cooperation with IICPSD for the benefit of the 40 Least Developed Countries belonging to the ACP space.

The participating Turkish institutions explicitly declared their willingness to share their experience in trade and economic cooperation with the ACP countries involving the IICPSD and in coordination with UNDP Brussels and the European Commission.

The ACP Secretariat expressed its commitment to encourage ACP countries to utilize the experience of Turkey and of the European private sector in developing inclusive value-chains and in identifying business solutions for poverty alleviation.
The European Commission stated its interest in partnering with the IICPSD towards developing institutional capacities for inclusive market building across ACP countries.

The High-Level Meeting with Mr. Kadir Topbaş

There was also a high-level meeting with H.E. Dr. Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul, President of United Cities and Local Governments and Member of the UN High-Level Panel for the post 2015 Development Agenda, that took place at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

The meeting was followed by media event in which Dr. Topbas, Dr. Chambas, Ms. Mosca and Mr. Vigilante expressed confidence that the IICPSD will play a key role in establishing the institutional partnership with the private sector that could leverage businesses’ role they are capable and willing to play for a world that is less poor, less discriminating and less exposed to environmental and climate change-driven risks.