River corridor to Gölcihan

01 Oct 2012

A river corridor between Gölcihan Lake and Ceyhan River is built under “Four Seasons of Water to Gölcihan” project which is supported by Life Plus Youth Programme.

New Horizons - The river corridor is built to the Gölcihan Lake from drying up as a result of ‘Four Seasons of Water to Gölcihan’ Project which is implemented by Nature Research Society, executed by the partnership between the Coca-Cola Life Plus Foundation, UNDP and YADA Foundation. 

It is also the first project in Turkey to protect a lake basin.

The project is conducted in Yeşilköy, which is a small town in Adana, in order to restore the natural water regime in Gölcihan Lake and save the Lake from drought.

River Corridor Method for the first time in Turkey

The river corridor, which is a method applied for the first time in Turkey, will be a connection channel of 500 meters between Ceyhan River and Lake Gölcihan.

There will be a control cover to keep the water level stable throughout the year that will stabilize the water inflow to the Lake.

With the help of the water channel and the control cover, water will be supplied to the lake whenever it is necessary and therefore, the ecologic and economic value of the lake will increase.

New species of fish will be arriving to the lake with the opening of the channel and the the species of fish in the lake will be more various.

The increase in the number of fish species will lead to an increase in the income of farmers engaged in agriculture around the lake.

The opening ceremony for the channel took place on 17 September with the participation of Mithat Altunay, Yeşilköy Town Mayor, and Osman Erdem, President of Nature Research Society.