A New Cooperation with Ministry of Energy and Natural Resource

01 Dec 2012


“Capacity Building on Energy Projection Modeling” Preparatory Assistance Project has been signed between UNDP and Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

New Horizons - The aim of the project is to build capacity within the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR) regarding the energy projections modeling, that will not only support national needs on energy projections but also international requirements under UNFCCC.

As a requirement of the UNFCCC, Turkey is required to prepare its National Communications (NCs).

In addition to NCs, Parties are required to prepare biennial reports as agreed during COP17.

Part of the reporting includes projections on energy utilization and greenhouse gas emission. Projection models are used worldwide both for reporting and national planning purposes. However, utilization of these models requires trained users.

Expected outputs of this project are training MENR personnel on energy projection modeling, training of trainers delivered by MENR trained personnel and preparation of knowledge products such as handbooks, guidelines etc.

It is planned to hold meetings and trainings during December 2012.


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