'The fisherwomen have no recognition'

01 May 2013

The fisherwomen are ignored in fishery industry according to the data obtained in the “Fisherwomen Project”. 

New Horizons, May 2013 - The research conducted by the Mediterranean Conversation Society within the framework of “Fisherwomen Project” pointed out that the majority of the fisherwomen are over the age of 40 and these women are not given importance neither by the government nor the society.

“Fishermen Project” is conducted by the support of the Strengthening the System of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas of Turkey Project and GEF SGP- COMDEKS.

170 fisherwomen despite the difficulties

The lack of interest and support leads them to face difficulties more and more each day.

The recent research shows that there are 170 fisherwomen, who work alone or with their husbands, in Gulf of Gökova ant the other South Aegean coasts.

There is problem also in terms of representation

It is also observed that the fisherwomen are not sufficiently represented in the occupational organizations and they are ignored in occupational terms.

For this reason, some legal regulations should be made in fishery policies to provide the occupational sustainability of the fisherwomen and to improve their existing conditions.

Young population denies, family fishing in danger

According to the data obtained from the research conducted by the Mediterranean Conservation Society, the young population living on the coastlines does not want to deal with fisheries.

This threatens the future of the fishing as the family business.


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