The “ghosts” under the sea reached

01 Jul 2013

The ghost nets were reached during the field studies launched by Gökova Sailing Club in the context of the “Ghost Net Hunters” project. Trammel and gill nets, fish lines and wastes from former fish-farm were also located through the dives.

New Horizons - The fishing gears that are left down to the bottom of the sea that passively continues fishing, in other words 'ghost nets', will be cleaned off with “Ghost Net Hunters’ project implemented by Gökova Sailing Club under the support of the Strengthening the System of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas of Turkey Project and GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP).

Six divers reached the ghost nets

The dives were conducted between 24-26 May.

The locations, of which the coordinates were taken from the fishermen before the dives, were controlled by a team of six divers.

The dives were made in 12 spots and between 18-36 meters. Trammel and gill nets, fish lines and wastes from a former fish-farm were located through the dives.

“Ghosts” will come to surface

The efforts to surface the ghost nets, which were monitored in the field studies, will gain momentum in the coming months and surfacing phase of the ghost nets will be launched.


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