Young volunteers impact the society positively

01 Jul 2013

Volunteers and practitioners of volunteering got together in Ankara at Life-Long Volunteering Conference and declared that ‘’Engaging people through volunteering strengthens civil society and it contributes to inclusive sustainable development.’’

New Horizons - Life-long Volunteering Conference was held in early June by GSM Youth Service Centre in cooperation with United Nations Volunteers.

It aimed to advocate creation of an enabling environment and infrastructure for youth volunteering.

The conference brought together almost 100 relevant stakeholders from different levels such as youth organizations, policy makers, international organizations, young volunteers and other professionals working in the field of volunteering.

Volunteering contributes to development areas relevant to wide network of stakeholders

The conference consisted of panels, discussion studio and workshop linking it with the issues that emerged during the Post-2015 Development Agenda National Dialogues in Turkey, such as social inequalities, youth empowerment and local development.

The objective was to highlight the contribution of volunteering to the development areas that are relevant to a wide network of stakeholders and hence to emphasize the relevance of youth volunteering in the society.

A declaration, called “Volunteering for the World We Want” was written in the conference, voicing to their future aspirations of participants and their recommendations to others.

The declaration highlights that youth volunteers see the future in which all individuals embrace a shared commitment voluntarily contribution, within their capacity and regardless of their background, to the pursuit of the common good and to the ideas of harmony and peace.


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