From Istanbul to Tokyo to Stockholm, inclusive business has come of age

01 Oct 2013

Commitments in inclusive business from leading to emerging-market corporations show that inclusive business has come of age.

New Horizons- Turkish internet company TTNET, the Brazilian subsidiary of Spanish financial services provider Santander, Japanese retailing conglomerate MUJI, and many other large multinational and domestic companies have rallied the Business Call to Action (BCtA) and taken concrete steps to include the poor in their core business operations, as consumers, producers and entrepreneurs.

What is Business Call to Action?

Launched in 2008, the Business Call to Action is a multi-stakeholder initiative that challenges companies to develop innovative business models that achieve commercial success and development outcomes.

From Turkey to Japan to India and to Sweden, companies are creating innovative business models in agriculture, financial services, nutritional supplements and retail products.

“Inclusive business is gaining momentum”

BCtA’s Annual Event organized on 19 September featured these members’ innovative business models; showcasing how they have overcome challenges in the markets of the poor and created social impact while creating economic profit.

“Inclusive business is gaining momentum. When emerging market corporations from Brazil, India and Turkey stand alongside corporations from Sweden, Japan and the United States to be united in their pursuit of corporate and social impact, we know that BCtA and UNDP are at the forefront of leading change,” said Sigrid Kaag, Assistant Secretary-General/Assistant Administrator and Director, Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy at UNDP. 

To date, 83 companies worldwide have responded to the Business Call to Action with concrete inclusive business initiatives as commitments.

Member companies benefit from the BCtA’s ability to provide a global leadership platform, its research and impact measurement assistance and its global advocacy capabilities.  








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