'Third Generation Idea Generators': Ideation Camps at Universities

01 Feb 2014

Ideation camps which empower young people by developing innovative skills and business idea generation are organized among students from different universities in İstanbul, İzmir and Eskişehir.

New Horizons - Ideation camps which start off with the motto “3rd Generation Idea Generators” aim to increase the frequency of idea generation in Turkey.

34 business ideas are generated

Ideation camps organized among universities of İstanbul, İzmir and Eskişehir focused on challenges namely non-timber forest products, re-cycling of domestic waste, household energy efficiency, citizen interest in e-government services, active participation of people with disabilities, and re-integration of youth in the university life.

34 business ideas are generated by 243 young people who actively enrolled in ideation camps.

Ideation camps, developed and implemented by Intel worldwide, are exercised within the project titled Enhancing Youth Entrepreneurship Based on ICT Usage Culture in Turkey, which is implemented in partnership with UNDP, TC Ministry of Development, Habitat Center for Development and Governance, and Intel in 2012.

Ideation camps are multiplied within the framework of the International Entrepreneurship Initiative in 2013.

What is International Entrepreneurship Initiative?

International Entrepreneurship Initiative (IEI) is a five year innovation based entrepreneurship support project of UNDP, TC Ministry of Development, Habitat Center for Development and Governance, and Turkey Vodafone Foundation.

International Entrepreneurship Initiative works toward the development of an efficient entrepreneurship ecosystem cooperating with more than 70 active stakeholders.

IEI contributes to the sustainability of entrepreneurial activities through research, capacity development and support mechanisms.


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