New measures in challenging poverty in the GAP region will be discussed in Adiyaman

12 May 2006

In the light of their experience gained in the Southeastern Anatolia (GAP) region since 1996, GAP Regional Development Agency and the UNDP have jointly organized an international forum on Fighting Poverty, and Employment in the GAP Region, to be held in Adıyaman during 12-13 May, with the aim of reviewing poverty in the context of national and local dynamics and finding more effective ways to fight with it.

Secretary of State and Deputy Prime Minister Assoc. Prof. Abdüllatif Şener will open the forum which will host representatives from both public and private sectors, as well as Turkish and international institutions.

The forum will involve group studies on the topic, followed by presentations of framework statements by the forum participants regarding the issue. The results of the Development Project, carried out by the GAP Regional Development Agency and the UNDP in Southeastern Turkey, which will be finalized in August 2006, will also be evaluated in the forum.

The international forum to be held in Adıyaman aims to determine new measures and steps to be taken in the near future to challenge poverty, and to improve employment opportunities in the GAP Region, in the light of national and international experiences of the past decade.

The 2-day forum will be held from 12 to 13 May, 2006 with the support of the Government of Adıyaman and the financial sponsorship of the Government of Switzerland.

Annex. Agenda for Fighting Poverty, and Employment in the GAP Region Forum'

12 May 2006, FRIDAY

09:30 Opening Speeches

  Muammer Yaşar Özgül, GAP RDA, President

  Jakob Simonsen, UNDP Resident Representative

  M. Necip Büyükaslan, Adıyaman Mayor

  Halil Işık, Adıyaman Governor

  Abdüllatif Şener, Minister of State and Deputy Prime Minister


Framework Presentations and Discussions

10:30 Global Experience in Employment Led Growth

(Mr. Eduardo Zepeta, Senior Researcher, International Poverty Center-Brasilia)

11:00 Public-Private and Civil Society Partnerships for Poverty Reduction and Recommendations for GAP Region

(Mr Abdülkadir Konukoğlu Sanko Holding-Gaziantep)

11:15 Overview of the work of Social Solidarity Foundations in GAP Region

(Mr. Mevlüt Bilici, General Director, Social Solidarity General Directorate)

11:45 Global Experience in Poverty Reduction

(Mr. Selim Jahan, Acting Director, Poverty Group, the Bureau for Development Policy, UNDP)

12:15 Poverty in GAP Region, Reasons and Recommendations

(Prof. Ayşe Buğra Boğaziçi University)

12:45 Proposals of Cooperation for Reducing Poverty

(Namık Ata, Türkiye Employment Institution, General Director)

14:00 Regional Poverty and Employment in EU Accession Period (Kemal Madenoğlu General Director, Social Sectors and Coordination, State Planning Organization)

14:30 Evaluation findings of the UNDP GAP RDA Regional Development Program as a case study for regional initiatives

(Dr. Galip Yalman, METU)

15:00-15:45 Questions-Answers and Discussion

(Moderator: Prof. Dr. Orhan Kurmuş, TESEV)

16:00-18:00 Workshops

Group 1: Role of Civil Society in Poverty Reduction and Public sector-Civil Society Partnerships

Group 2: Challenges in private sector development and investments, Recommendations

Group 3: Poverty Reduction and Social Policy Recommendations

Group 4: Challenges of Agricultural Sector from Poverty and Employment perspective

19:30 Reception- TPAO Facilities

13 Mays 2006, SATURDAY

09:00 Workshops- Groups

10:00 Presentation of Group discussions and synthesis
(Facilitator: Prof.Dr. Orhan Kurmuş, TESEV)

12.00 Closing