UNDP launches 2008 National Human Development Report

18 Mar 2008

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in its 2008 National Development Report for Turkey, says the country needs to invest in its youth economically and socially and encourage their participation in all forms of governance.

Ankara – UNDP Turkey Office is to launch the National Development Report, which this year, covers a wide range of issues regarding “Youth in Turkey”. Members of the media are invited to the launching meeting on 21 March 20008 at 14:00 p.m. at Hilton Hotel. State Minister Murat Başesgioğlu and UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Representative in Turkey Mahmood Ayub will deliver speeches during the meeting.

“Investing in youth economically, socially and also in the realm of governance, including a leap forward toward enhancing participation will undoubtedly amount to investing in a bright, rewarding future,” says the 130-pages-long Report. It covers a variety of issues ranging from education to health and employment to participation of Turkey’s youth to the decision making processes from the level of family to politics.

Young people in Turkey were closely involved in the Report’s preparation, especially in the research process. A comprehensive State of Youth Survey was carried out among more than 3,000 young individuals aged 15-24 in 12 separate regions sampling the entire country. In addition, 28 focus groups were organized with youth and adults.

Ayub said, by launching the Report, UNDP sought to trigger a wider discussion on youth policy, education, employment, and participation. Thus, he said, youth’s needs and aspirations were highlighted.  “This can be one further step to empower the next generation with responsibilities and opportunities, and to remove some of the obstacles which hold them back,” Ayub emphasized.

UNDP Turkey is also organising a two-day Knowledge Fair in Ankara World Trade Centre on 22-23 March 2008 with the participation of dozens of youth organisations, student bodies, youth centres, youth assemblies, international institutions and universities, as well as state agencies. The National Human Develoment Report  will be presented to the youth participating in the event and there will be several workshops, concerts, dance and theatre shows. The Knowledge Fair will be open to everyone.