The poor should be considered while pricing water and natural gas

11 Mar 2009

UNDP report “Taking Poverty into Consideration for Public Utilities Governance”, which was prepared in cooperation with Hacepette University’s Center for Market Economy and Entrepreneurship, was launched in Ankara on 11 March 2009 at a meeting open to the press.

The study comes at a time when Turkey has witnessed a number of reforms in the utilities sector, and private sector has become an important provider of services through privatization of utilities.

This is the first study conducted in Turkey where water tariffs of different provinces were compared systematically to understand consumption and expenditure patterns of poor and non-poor households. It is expected to lead to a clearer picture of the potential impact of price changes on the poor when privatization and regulatory reforms are introduced into electricity, natural gas and water sectors.  

The authors of the report, Necmiddin Bağdadioğlu from Hacettepe University, Alparslan Basaran from Hacettepe University, Sibel Kalaycıoğlu From Middle East Technical University and Abuzer Pınar from Ankara University, presented the main findings of the study (please click here to read their presentation - Turkish), which states that there is no social assistance provided to poor regarding the consumption of electricity, natural gas and water, and  it calls for engagement of civil society in utility pricing.

The study also recommends the establishment of a Water Sector Regulatory Authority to ensure transparency and competitiveness.

Please click here to read the summary of the report "Taking Poverty into Consideration for Public Utilities Governance".