Experts discussed how inclusive growth can be sustained with a “learning society”

18 Aug 2014


Experts and academics including Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz gathered in İstanbul where it is underlined that high rate of growth will not be sufficient to create welfare unless the benefits of growth are equally distributed across all segments of society. UNDP Turkey plans to publish a National Human Development Report on “inclusive growth” in early 2016.

İstanbul – United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Turkey organized a roundtable discussion on the concept of inclusive growth in İstanbul, on 18th August where prominent experts and academics including Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz participated.

Kamal Malhotra, United Nations (UN) Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Turkey, made the opening remarks of the roundtable.

He emphasized that “It is very clear to us that in order for the world to address inequalities that hinder human progress, growth must be inclusive.”

Nobel laureate economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz delivered a keynote speech on inclusive growth, inequality and a learning society.

“How to improve the capacity of learning should be the focus of economic research. Creating a shared learning society is a central ingredient in creating inclusive sustainable growth”, said Stiglitz.

Roundtable session ended with an open discussion moderated by Kamal Malhotra.

New report on Turkey and inclusive growth

UNDP Turkey is planning to publish a National Human Development Report on the concept of inclusive growth in early 2016.
Istanbul roundtable discussion was a part of the initiation process of the planned Report, where contributors of the working group gathered and discussed the key themes to be featured in the upcoming publication.

Inclusive growth is a high priority topic on the international development agenda. Many international organizations such as the UN, World Bank, OECD and others have prioritized their work in this area.

The concept is defined as the type of growth process that ensures equal access to opportunities and to the benefits of economic growth for all segments of society regardless of their individual circumstances.

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