Opening Speech at UNDP-TIKA South-South Cooperation Project Launch

09 Oct 2008

Project Launch of UNDP-TIKA South-South Cooperation Opening Speech by
Mr. Mahmood Ayub,
UNDP Resident Representative

Mr. Musa Kulaklikaya, President of TIKA
Distinguished Ambassadors,
Distinguished Representatives of the Ministries and SPO
Members of the Press

Ladies and Gentlemen

Honor for me and UNDP to be in this distinguished  audience for the launch of the TIKNUNDP South-South Cooperation Project.

I listened to the words of Mr. Musa Kulaklikaya  with great attention. We are proud and enthusiastic to work with TIKA.

As you know, at the global level, South-South  Cooperation  has been growing in importance, since its inception in the  late 1970s. It has produced many success stories, involving bilateral and multilateral cooperation, but also with a strong involvement  of civil society organizations.

In Turkey, cooperation among south countries goes as back at least 20 years.It took the shape of the Technical Cooperation among Development Countries (TCDC) program.

This program was administered by SPO, with the coordination of the Ministry of Foreign  Affairs. I am therefore delighted that  we  have  two speakers following me, one from SPO and  one from  MFA, to share with us the experience on Turkey's development cooperation.

As  some  of  you  already  know,  two  phases  of  TCDC  have  already  been successfully completed.We are now starting the third phase, which is now referred to as the South-South Cooperation.TIKA has assumed responsibility and ownership of the South-South Cooperation Program.

The overall objective of this program is to strengthen the capacity of Turkey as an important emerging donor ( $ 600-700 m annual ODA). Challenge is how to increase the effectiveness of  Turkish ODA and align it with the Paris Declaration principles.

As  you  know  the  Paris  Declaration  has  four  main  principles: Ownership; Alignment and Coherence; Managing for Results; and Mutual Accountability.

These principles were reaffirmed last month in Accra, Ghana, when an Agenda for Action was adopted, which sets time-bound benchmarks for commitments to be achieved by 2010. And it also stresses the importance of South-South cooperation.

The  program we are launching  today has several important  outputs  and outcomes.I do not want to enter into the details, which will be provided by Dr. Sebahattin  Gazanfar, who has recently been selected as the Senior Project Advisor for this project.

But let me mention briefly UNDP's role in this project:

At the broadest level, UNDP will bring to this project the global experience and global knowledge and infrastructure of our 166  country  offices, regional centers, policy institutes and knowledge networks.

Second, UNDP will help organize linkages between TIKA and other emerging country donor agencies,as well as with recipient countries to better achieve the MDGs in those  countries- and to make TIKA's assistance even more strategic.

And third, UNDP  will support  TIKA in managing the administrative, financial management and procurement issues related to project implementation, thereby building the capacity of TIKA over time in these areas.

Let me conclude, Ladies and Gentlemen, by saying participate in the launch of this important program.

Thank you.