A productive visit of Namangan entrepreneurs to Moldova

18 Oct 2013

During October 12-18, a group of entrepreneurs of Namangan headed by the representative of Regional Department of the Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations, Investment and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan (MFERIT), visited the Republic of Moldova.

The visit was organised to facilitate promotion of sales of national products in new markets and finding foreign clients, identification of new products for exporting as well as to organise negotiations on establishing joint ventures.

It should be noted that this visit was a logical continuation of cooperation between entrepreneurs of two countries, which was established during the visit of the group entrepreneurs of the Republic of Moldova to Namangan Region.  During the visit of Moldavian entrepreneurs met producers of export oriented products and held negotiations to enter into cooperation. During 2012-2013 two companies with participation of Moldavian investors were established in Namangan region. Channels for exporting knitted and wool products to Moldova have been established.

On Moldavian invitation, a group of businessmen from ‘Abdumalik Laziz Impex’, ‘Fruit Leader’ Ltd, ‘Istiqbol Poyafzal savdo’ companies, led the head of Namangan Regional Department of MFERIT paid visit to Kishinev, the capital of Moldova.

Moldavian entrepreneurs were briefed on the export and investment potential of Namangan Region, preferences and benefits, established by the government to exporters and foreign investors, and received copies of tailor made Investment Guide on Namangan Region.

Uzbek companies held business-to-business meetings with Moldavian ‘Sun Flower Impex’, ‘Agom Impex SRL’, ‘Transfer Impex SRL’ companies and discussed projects on production of knitted products and wadding in joint ventures ‘Abdumalik Laziz Impex’ and ‘Temur Transfer Impex’ of Pap district on Namangan Region.

Discussions on cooperation and establishing trade channels resulted in successful outcomes. In particular, agreement was reached on exporting of knitted and wool products by JV  Abdumalik Laziz Impex (for 100,000 USD), fresh and dried fruits and vegetables (persimmon, nuts and melons) by Fruit Leader Ltd (for 150,000 USD) and  men’s footwear by Istiqbol Poyafzal savdo company (for 50,000 USD) for a total amount of 300,000 USD.  

Also, during the visit Namangan businessmen took part in Trade Fair organised as part of celebration of Kishinev Day, marking 577th anniversary of Kishinev and offered goods, produced in Namangan, including knitted product, apparel, footwear, fruits and vegetables.

As a result of negotiations with Moldavian businessmen, Uzbek entrepreneurs agreed on continuing cooperation and working on further development of business ties.

Business visit to the Republic of Moldova was facilitated by the Aid for Trade Component of the ‘Support to Foreign Trade and Investment Promotion in Uzbekistan’ Project, implemented jointly by UNDP and the MFERIT. The component ‘Aid for trade’ is a national part of the regional project ‘Wider Europe: Aid for Trade for Central Asia, South Caucasus and Western CIS’ and is aimed at stimulating economic growth oriented on human development through the strengthening of trade and productive capacity of local communities, and enhancement of their access to domestic and foreign markets.