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Ensuring women and children have access to clean water during floods

When her house became completely inundated because of a severe and longlasting flood in the Viet Nam Mekong Delta in October-November 2011, Ngoc, 29 years old, was forced to move and live in an improvised house without proper access to clean water. Tran Thi Ngoc, her husband Nguyen Van Xuan, 31, andmore


The Cambridge-Viet Nam Leadership Programme: Empowerment of women in the public sector

"It is the very first time in my life to witness a world in one campus, to listen to people from different countries, cultures and religions share their own creative ways to design and implement sucessful gender-sensitive projects and laws. My eyes have been opened. I can now retell my impressimore

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Women’s representation in leadership in Viet Nam

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