Inclusive growth key to raise Viet Nam’s human development

24 May 2013

imagePhoto: © United Nations Viet Nam\2010\Aidan Dockery

Ha Noi - The preparation for the next Viet Nam Human Development Report started today with a workshop to discuss a relevant theme for the report. Researchers and representatives from government ministries and agencies, NGOs, the UN and development partners participating in the workshop stressed the importance of inclusive growth and equal opportunities for all people.

Speaking at the workshop, UNDP Country Director, Louise Chamberlain reiterated the core principles underlying the human development approach. “The central thesis of human development reports is that it is people who matter—beyond GDP growth or macroeconomic stability. What really count is how people participate in economic growth and how they benefit from it,” she said.

With the support from UNDP, Viet Nam Academy of Social Sciences will hold more consultations in the coming weeks with key stakeholders from government, civil society, media and academia to decide the theme and identify background papers needed as inputs for the development of the National Human Development Report 2013.

This will be the third human development report of Viet Nam. The first report was published in 2001 and focused on the impact of doi moi policy reforms on poverty reduction and human development. The second one, launched in 2011, highlighted the importance of social services for human development.

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