Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement Start-up Programme for National Land Audit

What is the project about

The projects seeks to develop a standadised central and secure repository of all land information collating the scattered information into one database that is accessible across the country.


  1. To develop a methodology and plan for the national land audit in Zimbabwe, through updating of the land categories and allocation databases.
  2. To update land categories and allocation databases;
  3. To develop a consensus based land audit methodology in line with the National Land Audit Framework.

Key activities:

  1. Create and update land allocation database;
  2. Update farm registers;
  3. Undertake stakeholders consultations on methodology and strategy for land audit to meet the National Land Audit Framework.

Intended Outputs:

  1. Updated land categories database;
  2. Methodology for land audit  developed;
  3. An appreciation of best practices in: land administration, land tenure, and compensation methods.


  1. User needs for land categories document specifying gaps in human, financial and technological resources;
  2. Systems specification for the Land Information Management System (LIMS) have been finalised and being applied.

  3. 50% of farm registers collated and entered into the land allocation database;
  4. Over 210 Ministry officials capacitated in development of geo-based land information database.

  5. Study tour to Brazil undertaken and Ministry reviewing Land Survey Act to incorporate new technologies: GPS for cadastre surveys; Ministry of Lands working with other ministries on supporting new farmers based on the Brazilian model.
  6. Ministry ICT has been upgraded to apply new technologies especially GIS. 

Sources of Funds

European Union

Project Overview
Project Start Date
01 June 2010
Focus Area
Poverty Reduction; Environment and Energy
Project Officer
Ambrose Made
Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement